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Horror Podcast ~ Schedule for February 2021

Hi folks! I’m really excited for the podcast launch and I hope that you are too. Here’s a look at what’s coming up in February… I will be doing one author interview a month, plus additional bonus episodes as we go through. There are 6 episodes to look forward to this coming month, all about 30mins in length. The Crows theme tune is by Gemma Cartmell, and the Bonus Episode samples ‘Netherworld Shanty‘ by Kevin MacLeod. All the sound effects sampled and used are royalty free.

Each of the Author Interview episodes will appear with its own transcript posted here on the blog, with the author’s bio, extract (quoted with permission only), and the text of the interview. I’ll also add in all the links for you to access their websites, social media and books!

Background Illustration: Fairwood House by Tom Brown
  • 4th Feb – The Crows Chapter 1 ~ The Creepy Old House
  • 8th Feb – Author Interview with L. B. Shimaira
  • 11th Feb – The Crows Chapter 2 ~ A Town With Dark Secrets
  • 18th Feb – The Crows Chapter 3 ~ Meet the Locals
  • 22nd Feb – Bonus Episode ~ The New Estate and Hangman’s Walk
  • 25th Feb – The Crows Chapter 4 ~ The Grande Dame

Each episode will have a companion blog post. For the main chapters, the companion post will give some context to the tropes found in the chapter and quote from the chapter itself. The Author Interviews will all have a full transcript. Not all the bonus episodes will be transcribed in their entirety as I will be reading from other stories and things, but will be paraphrased.

I really hope you enjoy the podcast, and we’ll have more authors coming up in the next few months (one per month!) including Stefanie Simpson, Lyndall Clipstone, Nita Pan, and Maria DeBlassie.

Join the book discussion on Goodreads at the Pagham-on-Sea Tourist Board.

Can’t wait? Check out my YouTube Channel for some fun Q&A and intro videos to Pagham-on-Sea.

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