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NEW!! Folklore of Pagham-on-Sea

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A very short companion book to the Pagham-on-Sea ‘verse, Folklore of Pagham-on-Sea Vol. I is now available across all major digital platforms. Get it for 99p (GBP) /.99c (USD) or equivalent conversion rate (GBP) in other marketplaces.

Some of the content is available in some earlier form here for free: check out Jennet, Jenny and Pinnie-Pen, The Eleusinian Mysteries, The Punch & Judy Man, and the Meteorite Crash for an idea of the style. Never-before-seen tales include The Greenlad, or, The Girl Who Saw Herself, and Farisee Stones. The new (and older) content includes notes by Rev. J. D. Allardyce (1832-1920) and his commentary on the tales and how he collected them, but his full critical edition of local folktales is yet to be released.

If you’ve read The Crows, be on the lookout for smol easter eggs.

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