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“…a spiritual cousin to The Haunting of Hill House, The Uninvited and the Hammer Films.”
“…as if Austen and Lovecraft had a baby and Taika Waititi was the godfather.”
“…a fantastically surprising work of gothic horror… Every single time I thought I had an idea of what the plot was doing the plot twisted around and bit me, gleefully.”

Copy of Copy of Copy of The Crows

Carrie Rickard, leaving an abusive relationship in London, tries to escape her own past by throwing herself into her restoration project: Fairwood House, known to locals of Pagham-on-Sea as The Crows. Unable to resist the lure of the house as it whispers to her, Carrie’s obsession only grows when she discovers it was the site of a sixty-year-old unsolved murder.

As Carrie digs deeper into the 1950s mystery surrounding the bloodless child stuffed up the kitchen chimney, she awakens dark and dangerous forces that threaten her own life. Cue an introduction to her eldritch neighbour, a foul-mouthed modern-day Merlin in a hoody and a tracksuit, who claims he can see the future. But Ricky Porter has some secrets of his own, not least of which are what’s really under his hood, and what he’s got in the cellar…

THE CROWS is a Gothic Paranormal novel for fans of haunted houses, eldritch monsters, and things that go bump in the night. Content Warning for psychological abuse, body horror, gore, strong language, and scenes of an unsettling nature.

All versions of the ebook feature three original illustrations by Thomas Brown, while the paperback version features five.

Available now in ebook and paperback.

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