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Copy of Copy of Copy of The Crows

When Carrie Rickard falls in love with a ruined house, her life changes forever. Fairwood, known to locals as The Crows, comes with a curse and an unsolved sixty-year-old child murder… and an eldritch neighbour, Ricky Porter, who’s as obsessed with the house as Carrie is.

Ricky sees Carrie’s future is set in stone – and so is her death-date. But is he really helping her, or is he the reason she’s doomed?

All versions of the ebook feature three original illustrations by Thomas Brown, while the paperback version features five.


Available from 04 January 2020 from Smashwords and Amazon in ebook and paperback.

Free (non-canonical) Fiction

Free short stories set in Pagham-on-Sea: The Case Notes of Dr Monday (not all of these are canon)

Free full length novel (crossover with my dark fantasy series): The Reckoning  (also not canon)

For more free fiction, see my Wattpad profiles @CelticRose | @CelticMedusa for full length novels and short stories. First drafts of my popular fantasy series, The Faustine Chronicles, are available in full on CelticRose.

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