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Join Carrie down the rabbit hole where eldritch horrors work at travel agencies, werewolf kids/cubs hang around on street corners trying to be pack-punk, vampires head up the Dark Tourism nightlife selling the full Minion Experience on dark corners of the internet, and doctors wear masks of human skin just to be seen in public.

Is this your kind of place? I thought so.

Welcome to Pagham-on-Sea.

Free short stories set in Pagham-on-Sea: The Case Notes of Dr Monday

Free full length novel (crossover with my dark fantasy series): The Reckoning 

For more free fiction, see my Wattpad profiles @CelticRose | @CelticMedusa for full length novels and short stories. First drafts of my popular fantasy series, The Faustine Chronicles, are available in full on CelticRose.

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