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Iconic Settings: Monstrous May Challenge

‘Love Song for The Crows’ – C. M. Rosens

The text version is available to Ko-Fi supporters only to read, but this is available to everyone to listen to. I haven’t edited this audio, as I recorded it quickly before work! 

If you like this content and want to find more, you can tip me as a on-off and get access to all my supporter-only content for the month. If the story of Fairwood House intrigues you, this is a prequel piece to the novel THE CROWS which is available to buy from my Ko-Fi Shop (digital file) or from Amazon and other ebook retailers. The paperback is available through Amazon. 

I am serialising this novel weekly on my podcast, ELDRITCH GIRLYou can listen to this on Spotify, iTunes, Google Podcasts and

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