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Podcast S01E05 ~ Chapter 5 Up Now!

Listen to the latest episode, Chapter 5, now!


Chapter 5: Something in the Attic

…in which Carrie finds a music box and Guy brings a book…


The bank of smothering cloud hung over the sea, flat and grey like a tin lid on top of the world. She thought she heard someone calling, but there was only a lone figure walking the path in silence.

As she looked up, the figure stopped, hands in their pockets and hidden by their quilted coat, watching her. Prickles washed along Carrie’s back, lapping at her fight-or-flight response.

It wasn’t the right build for Phil.

She thought she could hear a whistle on the edge of hearing, sounding shrill and faint from some distant, invisible source. The figure jerked into a crouch, reaching for her across the gulf with crooked gloved fingers like talons.

It was the pose of a pounce.

C. M. Rosens, The Crows, pp. 90-91

Something in the attic is one of my favourite tropes, and I did a post on it here.

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