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Horror Podcast Schedule ~ March 2021

I hope you’ve been enjoying the serial and bonus eps so far – here’s a look at what we’ve got coming up!

Really excited to share Stefanie Simpson’s interview with you this month – we chatted about her eldritch cosmic horror apocalyptic romance, Witworth Doom Baby; disability rep and undermining ableist tropes in romance; BDSM and kink, and more. I seem to be making up for the fact there are no sex scenes in The Crows

  • 4th March – The Crows Chapter 5
  • 8th March – Author Interview with Stefanie Simpson
  • 11th March – The Crows Chapter 6.1
  • 18th March – The Crows Chapter 6.2
  • 22nd March – Bonus Episode! The Sound of Darkness ~ short story
  • 25th March – The Crows Chapter 7 (End of Part 1)

We finish Part 1 this month, and start Part 2 in April, kicking off with Chapter 8! If you want to read ahead, buy the book, and/or join or start a discussion in the Goodreads group.

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