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Thirteenth Theme Tune

With revisions and edits of my novel Thirteenth underway and the novel due to be released this year (keep an eye out for the ARC announcement!) it’s time to reveal the theme tune by Gemma Cartmell. It’s the same basic tune as The Crows Theme, but it’s been given the dance treatment.

I asked for something clearly related to The Crows Theme, but reflecting the psychedelic nature of the drug use in the novel by Wes Porter, and the younger protagonist (although it is still Adult, not YA). Fairwood House/The Crows is a main setting, but you see it through the eyes of a jaded 17 year old and her traumatised playboy brother (29). Ricky is also 29 now – he had his birthday in September, and this is set in January, so you missed it. It’s fine, he didn’t want anyone to make a fuss.

It begins with a prologue dated 14 May, before we skip to January. I hope that it’s possible to read Thirteenth as a standalone, or to read it first and then pick up The Crows for a prequel read. Betas seem to think so!

I will be serialising Thirteenth as S2 of the podcast, which will probably begin Autumn 2021.

Cover art by Rebecca F. Kenney

Katy Porter is seventeen, studying for her A Levels, navigating her brutal family of eldritch monstrosities, and trying to cope with turning into one herself. Except Katy is the thirteenth child of a thirteenth child, and that kind of Change comes with a compulsive taste for her own clan’s flesh. Since she doesn’t have much of a stomach for killing, Katy is really not looking forward to that part. In fairness, neither is anyone else.

The unexpected death of the clan’s matriarch (and Katy’s protector) leaves everyone in turmoil, and Katy without her mentor. If she wants to see her next birthday, she needs allies – but the only two she’s got are Wes and Ricky, both of whom have their own opposing agendas, and who can’t stand the sight of each other.

Wes Porter, Katy’s oldest brother, is a polyamorous, drug-addled playboy pushing thirty whose features are instantly forgettable, and trying to remember what he looks and sounds like has driven people – including one of his partners – to madness. When he swears he wants to protect Katy after voting in favour of killing her, what has prompted his change of heart, and can he really be trusted?

Ricky Porter, their soothsayer cousin, is a killer and a car thief who has ascended into an aura-draining, eyeball-eating eldritch god. Or, at least, that’s what he thinks he is. Wes thinks he’s a prick, and Katy remembers him as a violent thug who punched her dad once at her eleventh birthday party. But Ricky has powers they don’t, some dark secrets of his own, and dangerous forces to contend with.

Katy needs to come to terms with her own monstrosity to stay alive, but she’s not the only one who needs to face what they truly are.

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