Halloween Contest Contributors! Part 3 of 3

A closer look at the contributors of the hamper up for grabs… PRIZE DRAW on 31st October! LAST CHANCE TO ENTER 30/10/2020

C. M. Rosens

C. M. Rosens is an author and fairy godmother of two based in England and Wales but is lucky enough to have family and friends all over the world. She is a lover of the Gothic, the Paranormal and the just plain Weird. Summon her with chocolate, ghost stories and central heating.

Yes, it is me! You can find my fiction on this page, with some reviews linked! You can get the first five chapters of my novel The Crows on Wattpad for free:

Reviews of The Crows by other bloggers:
Red Cape Publishing’s review May 2020
Meredith Debonnaire’s review May 2020
Erebus Horror’s review May 2020
Nimue Brown’s review Feb 2020
Nita Pan’s review Jan 2020

I am offering an eBook version of The Crows.

Wolf Conservation Centre

Yes, the contributors are sponsoring a wolf from the Wolf Conservation Centre for a year on behalf of the lucky hamper winner. We aren’t affiliated to it, but we all love wolves! Not all the novels up for grabs have a wolf connection, but a lot of them do. So we thought that would be a fun addition, and we’d be doing our bit for nature and the ecosystem too.

Photo by Steve on

We will adopt a wolf for you at the Friend level, and you’ll receive a certificate of adoption, 8″x10″ photo, wolf bio & 1 year of periodic email updates (Digital Only). Simply choose your wolf!

There are Mexican Grey Wolves and Red Wolves to meet, as well as the three Ambassador wolves. Find your wolf fren and we’ll sponsor them for you.

We’ll Adopt a Wolf for you for 1 year at the Friend level. We are not affiliated with the Wolf Conservation Centre.


Want to enter the competition? Easy! But it’s your LAST CHANCE TODAY!

Here’s the tweet: LIKE, RT and FOLLOW the authors (tagged in the graphic). Bonus entry if you comment with a Halloween gif! Want another shot at winning? You can get bonus entries if you LIKE, SHARE and FOLLOW on Instagram and Facebook, too.

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