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Library of Dreams

PSG Publishing

Well, for those of you not in the know (for shame!!) the charity anthology Library of Dreams is now on sale at Amazon UK, Amazon US, Createspace and Smashwords. Check out the Goodreads Giveaway too! You have to be in it to win it!

I have been looking at the styles and voices of some of the authors featured in the anthology, and I have more for you to come.

Today, however, I’ve got an exclusive interview with Len Webster, author of THE RIBBON CHASERS, another story featured in the anthology.
Len Webster is a romance author and Melburnian, dreaming of her own romantic adventure. I caught up with her to chat about her writing, and what inspired her to support the charity Litworld in this way.
CMR: So, Len, it’s lovely to catch up with you! Tell us a bit about yourself. What do you get up to when you’re not writing?
LW: No problem, this is fun for me! I just turned twenty-one. I lived and grew up in the suburbs of Melbourne, Australia, and I can watch sports like I can watch any TV show. But get me in front of my team, Sunderland AFC, and you’ll discover my short fuse!
CMR: Melbourne sounds like a great place to live. Did you find a lot of support for your writing? When did you start?
LW: I’ve been writing since 2012. I wrote secretly in the later half of the year because I didn’t think writing was ‘cool’. Where I’m from no one is a writer – it’s very unusual. January 2013 I stepped out of my little insecure shadow and decided to start writing online.
CMR: How did writing online help you?
LW: That decision changed my life. I’ve met so many wonderful people, and I’ve really grown in my writing. I mean, I’m still a little clueless, but I’m finding my way.
CMR: And now you’re in print! Is this the first time you’ve been published?
LW: Yes! Library of Dreams is my first time. I’d love my other pieces to be published one day, too. Who knows what might happen!
CMR: You said that you started writing last year. What influenced you to begin, and what are your influences now? 
LW: I’d say the same as Taylor Swift with her music – personal love, romances, boys, heartbreak and all those things that come with growing up, especially when I was a teenager. I often take my own experiences and use them in my writing – taking something that happened to me or something I’ve felt, and use it for a chapter or storyline.
CMR: Writing what you know!
LW: Right.
CMR: Tell us more about the story you contributed, RIBBON CHASERS. I loved the teaser [above] on the website! What inspired you to write it? 
LW: Two things inspired my story. One was a ribbon necklace I was given by my parents when I was nineteen. Secondly, I wanted to write something that was different to my usual romances. The anthology gave me the perfect reason to try something new, and I decided why not. Oh! And thirdly… Hugh Jackman.
CMR: I’m liking the sound of the third one, Len…! It sounds like a bit of a departure from your preferred genre. How did you find that? 
LW: Oh, definitely, it was a huge departure for me. I was taking a step away from love and romance, and exploring thriller and action. I had more of a focus on friendships rather than on love and intimacy. It certainly has me wanting to write more stories in different genres, although I think I will always primarily be a romance author. But RIBBON CHASERS was a new step and one I enjoyed taking.
CMR: So when did you get involved with the PSG Publishing anthology? What was your role?
LW: I got involved from the very start of the anthology, from the moment the idea sparked. My role, aside from being a contributor, was to assist in the marketing of the anthology and contact the charity, Litworld, to whom all the proceeds will be going. I set up a Skype meeting with them, and they were really excited about the project.
CMR: What prompted you to support Litworld in this way, and what is your favourite thing about this charity? 
LW: It came down to researching charities, and as a writing group, we thought something education-based would be appropriate. There are so many terrific charities to choose from, but we could only pick one! We looked into several projects, and Litworld’s Stand Up For Girls was voted the winner. My personal favourite thing about Litworld (having Skyped and directly spoken to them) is their passion when it comes to helping the community. They are so enthusiastic about helping those who cannot have access to education and literacy, and that’s so inspiring. Their work makes me realize how fortunate I am to have been able to go to school and have access to books, a privilege I’ve taken so lightly.
CMR: That’s really amazing. It’s such a worthy cause, and it’s so great to be able to promote a non-profit anthology like this. Thank you so much for agreeing to chat, Len, it’s been great to catch up with you! Just before you go, can you possibly give us a sneak peek at what else we can expect from the anthology?
LW: I sure can! It’s been great to chat to you too. I’ve got a few favourite bits from the other contributors’ stories, but I’ll just share one or two now. You’ll have to buy the book if you want the rest!
CMR: You know I will be!

Len Webster’s Sneak Peeks Inside The Library of Dreams

Finding Marty – Katherine A. Ganzel

Walking back into the parlor, he saw his boot prints in the dust covering the floor. It was clear he was the first person who’d been in there in years. Marty’s heart sped up as a bold thought filled his mind. If no one was using the cabin, then why couldn’t he? It almost seemed like a dream come true. 

The Typewriter – J. C. McDowell

“You know, typewriters can tell a lot of stories, much like the photographs that I took.” Her eyes grew with wonder as her grandfather grabbed a photo from the table and continued. “A picture is worth a thousand words, but a typewriter is worth millions.”


Dead Girl Walking – Kim Fry

Climbing the steps to her apartment, she felt relieved to have made it home. She unlocked the door and wandered through the darkened rooms. In her bedroom, she flicked a light on and let out a heavy sigh. Myra looked down at the sleeping form lying on top of the bedspread. The body lying in the bed was the true, living version of herself.


Buy Library of Dreams today!
The lovely JC McDowell poses with her copy of Library of Dreams.
Author J. C. McDowell and her copy

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