2014 – Work Time, Play Time

I’m Back!

I’ve just submitted my doctoral thesis, so the last three months have been all about getting that done. I’ve got two papers pending publication, and I’m looking to write a few more… if you’re interested in my academic blog and real life world, you can check out what I’ve been doing there, while the worlds in my head have been put on hold.
Meanwhile, I’ve found that getting back into fiction writing is a lot harder than I thought. I’m finding it hard to switch from ‘telling supported with evidence’ to ‘showing’, and I think not reading any fiction for a while has made that transition harder.
I’ve updated BOOK OF CHANCE, and I’m using my drafts of THE MAGICIAN’S DAUGHTER and A TALE OF THREE SORCERORS (the two previous incarnations of this story) to help me construct it, which has proven to be really useful. It’s helped me to edit old work and ease back into my ‘voice’ again.
Do other people find it hard to get back into writing after a time away? How do you get back into it? 
Let me know – I’d love to hear from you!

4 thoughts on “2014 – Work Time, Play Time”

  1. I'm with Jaycee – reading fiction helps get me back in the groove of writing fiction. I don't necessarily read my own story again from start to finish, but I do review it. For me, the key is often simply to give myself permission to write, especially if I've been away from it due to mundane obligations rather than fun times.


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