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The Day We Ate Grandad: Content Notes

Hi all, I figured I should add the CWs for THE DAY WE ATE GRANDAD. I’m going to do a few posts on Insta and TikTok for this as well…

This is a Content Note list, as it’s not just to warn of triggers, but to inform more generally of content. All my novels so far have a page of Content Notes on this site for people to read, and going forward I’ll try to include them in the books themselves in the front matter for those who may need them.

The Crows is here.

Thirteenth is here.


Three possible futures. Two versions of the apocalypse. One chance to save the world.

Wes Porter, a severely depressed insanity-inducing playboy, is detoxing from hallucinogens that have unlocked his ability to see versions of potential futures – and he’s just foreseen two ways the world could end. Normally, Wes would leave the hero bullshit to somebody else, but he can’t abdicate responsibility this time… not when both those apocalypses might be his fault.

With some prompting from a mythological bard-prophet who may or may not be real, and a lot of assistance from his monster-eating baby sister who desperately wants to move out of his apartment, and their soothsayer cousin who has his own demons to fight, Wes attempts to save [his] world… but have his poor decisions doomed them all?

THE DAY WE ATE GRANDAD is the third book in the Pagham-on-Sea series. It is a dysfunctional family cosmic horror novel for fans of WHAT WE DO IN THE SHADOWS, THE MAGNUS ARCHIVES, and THE CALL OF CTHULHU, with themes of bereavement and grief, generational trauma, and a dash of Roman/Welsh mythology.

Content Notes:

  • Addiction and sobriety (drugs, but also literal addiction to a romantic partner)
  • ADHD symptoms that aren’t diagnosed or acknowledged, characters themselves are unaware they exhibit them and blame themselves/other things for memory processing issues, hyperactivity, lack of impulse control, lack of focus, self-medication, etc.
  • Animal death (a sheep for entrail reading purposes)
  • Apocalypse threat – eldritch god destruction, but also destructive behaviour from insidious addiction to an image
  • Arson and on-page fire
  • Bereavement in complicated circumstances and varied – often messy/destructive – responses to grief; on-page memorial service
  • Binges and their aftermaths, a minor (17F) having to handle some of this and being placed in a carer/parental role
  • Body Horror
  • Body dysmorphia & complex feelings around one’s own body, which can be read as similar to dysphoria
  • Child neglect (historic) and mention of child sacrifice in cult context – no on-page depiction of this, and no minors feature in the book apart from the 17yo MC (the only minor MC, all other MCs are adults)
  • Cult – family members being indoctrinated, joining out of trauma, and insider POV
  • Depression (severe)
  • Disordered eating in men that has gone unrecognised by others
  • Dubious Consent (m/m)
  • Dysfunctional family and dysfunctional intimate relationships
  • Emesis
  • Erectile dysfunction due to lifestyle (combination of drugs, alcohol, poor diet, sobriety journey, grief, constant stress), not handling this well.
  • Family estrangement, being cut off by close relatives after a betrayal
  • Friendship issues, loss and arguments
  • Gore (Graphic)
  • Inbred family of sibling & cousin pairings, family culture of inbreeding is prized over ‘outbreeding’ but also joked about by family members
  • Insectoid fae creature with spider-like and maggot/worm-like attributes which includes spontaneous ejaculation during a non-sexual interaction. Wes is just Like That.
  • Murder of close relatives by MCs
  • Parasites, parasitical imagery, worm/maggot infestations in living flesh, graphic descriptions of wounds that may trigger Entomophobia or acarophobia, parasitic dermatophobia, or parasitophobia
  • Queer characters who are messy, angry, abusive, soft, sweet, suicidal, fucked-up, poorly treated, bad company, good company, deserving of more, deserving of a punch, and at least one who’s a Thatcherite. Some characters are gay, some are bi, one MC is ace and aro-spec, one is demisexual and demiromantic, one is allosexual (potentially hypersexual?) and demiromantic. Some characters are monogamous, some are polyamorous (accepted, normalised, not the focus of the plot).
  • Relationship issues and complicated dynamics
  • Self-harm and suicide ideation; suicide in cult context as ‘sacrifice’
  • Self-mutilation for various reasons, to varying degrees: under the influence of addiction, and in cult context, and in ritual context.
  • Sibling deaths and sibling estrangement; complicated sibling relationships; younger sibling caring for older sibling and vice versa.
  • Sex is frequently mentioned, a man comes on-page during a non-sexual encounter with an insectoid fae entity, frequent sexual imagery and banter, references to sex lives, discussion of kink, and explicit sexual attraction to non-human entities including a sentient building.
  • Trypophobia (descriptions that may trigger this)

If that sounds like your thing, the pre-order link is coming soon!

Meanwhile, here’s the GoodReads link again to add it, and to share to others who might like it! I rely on word of mouth so every share is useful!

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