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The Day We Ate Grandad eARC Request Form


I have run out of paperback ARCS, but you can still claim eARCs of THE DAY WE ATE GRANDAD, for an honest review on Amazon, B&N, Kobo, Apple books, wherever you usually shop, and Goodreads/Storygraph.

Cover Design: Rebecca Kenney
Interior Illustrations: Tom Brown
Developmental Edits: CJ Listro
Editor: Johannes Punkt
Podcast Theme: Gemma Dyer [Cartmell]


Three possible futures. Two versions of the apocalypse. One chance to save the world.

Wes Porter, a severely depressed insanity-inducing playboy, is detoxing from hallucinogens that have unlocked his ability to see versions of potential futures – and he’s just foreseen two ways the world could end. Normally, Wes would leave the hero bullshit to somebody else, but he can’t abdicate responsibility this time… not when both those apocalypses might be his fault.

With some prompting from a mythological bard-prophet who may or may not be real, and a lot of assistance from his monster-eating baby sister who desperately wants to move out of his apartment, and their soothsayer cousin who has his own demons to fight, Wes attempts to save [his] world… but have his poor decisions doomed them all?

THE DAY WE ATE GRANDAD is the third book in the Pagham-on-Sea series. It is a dysfunctional family cosmic horror novel for fans of WHAT WE DO IN THE SHADOWS, THE MAGNUS ARCHIVES, and THE CALL OF CTHULHU, with themes of bereavement and grief, generational trauma, and a dash of Roman & Welsh mythology.

Content Notes

-addiction, including addiction to a person in a literal sense, consequences of sobriety (does not improve some relationships)
-alcohol use/abuse/relapse by a male character inside his POV, involving a total lack of self-awareness
-body dysmorphia and potential to read this as dysphoria
-depersonalisation, derealisation, questioning reality by POV characters, some of whom also have some incoherent thought patterns and memory issues relating to previous drug use, and potential undiagnosed/unmedicated ADHD symptoms
-disordered eating
-emotional dysregulation
-erectile dysfunction caused by lifestyle, stress and prior drug use
-grief and compounded bereavement, complex and toxic reactions to loss, from drug/alcohol binges to depression to joining a cult…
-self-harm (cutting attempt), self-destructive behaviour of adults and teen girl
-sobriety journey with different levels of familial and friend support, concerns over relapse, fractured relationships
-NO CSA but historic child neglect and manipulation, emotional/psychological/physical abuse
-toxic, dysfunctional inbred/incestuous (siblings/cousins) monster family, inc. bullying, boundary-crossing
-mention of child sacrifice but none shown on-page
-dubious consent while under the influence
-people literally addicted to a MC to the point that withdrawals cause self-harm and the addiction itself can cause extreme behaviours, from property destruction to murder to self-mutilation.
-adult male sexual arousal/fellatio (in context of dubious power dynamics in an m/m relationship)
-interfamilial violence, physical attacks and sacrifice
-violence and gore, violent deaths in an inbred eldritch familial context
-fantasy violence, monster violence
-detailed open wounds, infected wounds
-body horror [eldritch, mutation/transformational, parasitic/worm-adjacent]
-arson and on-page fire/immolation
-very strong language throughout
-mention of animal cruelty/death but nothing on-page

Ko-Fi Members automatically get an ARC. If you haven’t claimed one yet, but you want to snag a copy, comment here:

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