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#FinishUrBookFall Update: Completed!

Finally finished the rewrite of THE DAY WE ATE GRANDAD and I can’t wait for it to go off to an editor for developmental edits then get the copyedits done!

I’m going to be doing some posts about it (and the trilogy as a whole) on Tumblr, TikTok and Instagram, so AMA on those platforms or in the comments and I’ll make a short video!

In the meantime, I’m working on the Ko-Fi posts and the snail mail packages for Eldritch Family tier members, but due to postal strikes not sure when November/December ones will arrive! :(((( Hopefully soon.

I’m also building some ideas for Book 4 of the Pagham-on-Sea series, which I feel will be a Throne-based ecohorror. If you don’t know what the Throne is, read THIRTEENTH… It doesn’t appear on-page in TDWAG as Katy is actively avoiding it, so that needs to be rectified. I also feel that Ricky needs a collection of stories as an accompaniment, so that needs to be maybe its own thing. I have way too much Ricky material to go in a novel where anybody else ALSO has an arc, so he does need his own set of novellas really.

THE SUSSEX FRETSAW MASSACRE is one of these, out now! Look out for more.

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