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OUT NOW: Birds of a Feather

Well, I did it. Not professionally edited, this one, so it’s not on general sale, but it IS available via my KoFi shop.

The results of my 3 week creative mania back in July/August is the 2.0 draft of a complete 77K novel. (This is cut down from around 95K total. The 0draft ended up at around 87K and is fully serialised, with author notes and some fun vibe songs, on Ko-Fi for all supporters in 30 parts. One-off supporters have access for 30 days, and monthly supporters get unlimited access, plus unlimited personal access to the Google Doc version).

Eldritch Family tier members get the eBook and any future updated version of it for free.
Eldritch Seeker tier members get the eBook for 99p, and any future updated version of it for free.

BIRDS OF A FEATHER is the AU world with no eldritch/cosmic horror, featuring characters from THE CROWS who meet at an earlier point in the timeline. Instead of being set in a creepy seaside town, it’s largely set on a pseudo-London council estate. In my head it’s like a mix of Cardiff and Bristol, with a bit of Newport (Gwent) chucked in the mix, but we won’t worry about that too much.

Carrie has just left Phil thanks to her work-crush, Raven, and Raven introduces her to their ex-partner, Ricky. Ricky and Carrie hit it off, unsurprisingly, after a bit of a rocky start where she finds out he’s not the most stable of individuals, and there’s a lovely corruption arc for her as she finds out just how far she’s willing to go to get Phil out of her life for good.

It’s structured around the beats of their relationship, so it’s very much about the queerplatonic partnership and the allo/ace combo. There’s space for polyamory to develop, too. Wes appears as a homicidal fuckboi with his own business (a dodgy garage), there’s a vengeful sister, some stalking that gets sorted out, an excellent dog called Boss (the Gerald equivalent to whom nothing bad happens) and a fiery finale.

Launch Price: £1.99 ~ I’ll put it up to £3.99 after it gets professionally edited and then release it on general sale. If you buy it for £1.99, I’ll send you the updates for free if you want them.

You can also add it to GoodReads.

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