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Untitled AU Novel on Ko-Fi

The first section of this 80+K novel is now on Ko-Fi, and the first part is open to everyone so you can see what I’m doing with the annotations and what elements and phrases I’ve kept the same from THE CROWS.

It’s not there yet, but the annotations show you what my writing process is like and how I work on my novels.

This is the contemporary working-class Alternative Universe version, which will eventually be a complete eBook available from my Ko-Fi Shop. The core of it is Carrie & Ricky healing from their respective traumas through their unexpectedly intimate friendship, the antagonist is Carrie’s stalker ex, Phil, and I’m going to go back and build in a few other moving parts to dovetail into the climax better.

I’m writing this purely for myself, so it’s an aromantic spectrum/asexual spectrum “rom”com as written by Guy Ritchie, featuring a violent feud between rival dodgy builders, Wes as a Tesco-value Bond villain wannabe who runs a garage, and Ricky as an ex-semi-pro boxer who has a prison record.

CWs: alcohol use/abuse mentioned/on page, mainly binge-drinking; recreational drug use mentioned/on page/implied (weed, cocaine), disordered eating, different kinds of toxic relationships and ways of handling break-ups/pseudo break-ups, navigating asexuality and romantic orientations messily and badly, trauma, stalking and harassment, drink-spiking (but no sexual assault as a result), drug & alcohol induced emesis, physical violence and the threat of physical violence, accidental finger-removal, blood, psychological/emotional/physical abuse by parents and domestic partner, messy pan-orientated arospec/acespec character discussing and navigating his orientation/(lack of)desires /boundaries; physical violence; strong language. 

Nothing bad happens to the dog.

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