Monstrous May

#MonstrousMay Day 4: Centaurs & Satyrs

Created by Johannes T. Evans

I’ve popped these recs over on Ko-Fi as well, please do check the TWs on them.

Recs for satyr horror (TW for rape): 

THE VILLAGE IN THE WOODS (film 2019, dir. Raine McCormack)

I would personally give this… I don’t know. 5 or 6 out of 10. It was ok. Things I enjoyed:

  • The atmosphere: spooky village, car trouble, couple with a devious backstory, creepy locals who have lots of loud sex (also nice that they’re middle aged).
  • The village gave me vibes from THE MONSTER CLUB (1981), specifically the ghoul story in that horror anthology, and also some strong CRONE WOOD (2016) vibes too.
  • I did think the ‘twist’ was inventive, which I’ve now kind of spoiled for you in that the locals are not human but have human forms, but that’s because I rarely see actual satyrs in British folk horror. BIG Arthur Machen vibes. There are lots of other plot points I’m not going to spoil, but TW for satyr rape, as I said, which is not so much an element as a whole ongoing theme, and is depicted both on-screen and off-screen (but you still hear the screaming). I did not enjoy that part.

Stuff I didn’t like so much/wasn’t for me:

  • I think I’ll have to re-watch it, because there was a bit of the plot I didn’t quite get. The whole reason the couple were there and how she got the ring was a bit involved and I think I was distracted and missed a crucial line that would have explained that to me. Also it’s been a few weeks since I saw it and now I just can’t remember a lot. So – it wasn’t that memorable for me overall, evidently, even though some bits have stuck in my mind.
  • Genuinely found the whole reveal and the execution of the satyrs’ diabolical plans really disturbing, which could be a plus for some I guess. Another TW for intentional infanticide, not shown.

THE GREAT GOD PAN (novella by Arthur Machen) – my full review of it is here. I’ve reproduced the text of the review on Ko-Fi.

Things I haven’t personally read/watched but on my TBR/watch list for satyr horror: 

DARK HOLLOW (novel by Brian Keene)

THE CENTAUR (short film 2015, dir. Aleksandra Niemczyk) 

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