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December Letter! ~ Podcast S02 Bonus

Bonus Eldritch Girl Content

My monthly Ko-Fi supporters are receiving letters written by Carrie updating them on life in 2021/22 (The Crows is set in 2018, and Thirteenth is set in 2019; The Day We Ate Grandad, being written at the time of posting, will also be set in 2019).

This is a non-canonical exploration of the characters as if their timelines aligned with ours, getting to know what happened over the lockdown periods in 2020 and what they might potentially be up to in 2021. I may find threads of story arcs in these letters as we go along that would work as a piece of prose fiction (short/long, unsure!). 

These are exclusive to monthly subscribers, audio available on request (please say when you sign up if you need it to be in audio format), with the posts accessible here:

– Unlimited slots at £3 per month
– Access to Discord Server and private Discord channels
– Exclusive content including advance access short stories, Carrie’s letters, and more
– Exclusive discount codes

– Limited slots at £5 per month to cover postage: frozen until 2022
– All of the above
– Handwritten letters and cards posted internationally each month
– Merch e.g. postcards, stickers and bookmarks a few times per year

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