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Author Interviews ~ C. M. Rosens (it me!!)

C. M. Rosens is my pen-name for fiction – I publish academic and nonfiction titles under my legal name.

I write contemporary Gothic Weird fiction that comes broadly under the ‘Horror’ genre, and you can find all my work on this page!

My pronouns are she/her although I’m more quoigender than anything.

C. M. Rosens is also a persona or character who appears in the Paghamverse, via the podcast and the Folklore of Pagham-on-Sea short volumes, as a member of the local History Society. CMR as a persona may end up with a character arc of their own.

Consequently, CMR is branded with author headshots and photos like this one, which were part of a professional shoot in 2009, while I post actual recent selfies and use more recent photos of myself for my academic and nonfiction publishing work. You will also see me in person leading creative workshops and/or giving talks with Romancing the Gothic now and again!

Here I am in two interviews posted to RomGothSam’s YouTube Channel. I’m available for podcasts and booktube appearances too!


Author Showcase and Interview with C. M. Rosens

Author Interview with /RomGothSam

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