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Horror Podcast ~ Schedule for April 2021

Welcome to Part 2 of The Crows – and a brand new author interview for the month! I’m so excited to share this one, where I chat with my co-writer Nita Pan (she/they) about our joint project Eldritch Girls Just Want To Have Fun, their Patreon and its exclusive content, erotic horror, surgical horror, eldritch cosmic horror and cannibalism. Also cats.

We’ve also got some more bonus content to look forward to, and five chapters (8-12) coming up. It’s going to be fun!

Illustration: Ghost by Tom Brown
  • 1st April – The Crows Chapter 8
  • 5th April – Author Interview with Nita Pan
  • 8th April – The Crows Chapter 9
  • 15th April – The Crows Chapter 10
  • 19th April – Bonus Episode!
  • 22nd April – The Crows Chapter 11
  • 29th April – The Crows Chapter 12

I’m so excited about the bonus episodes. There’s some fun things coming up this month, and a few of my favourite scenes. I’m looking forward to sharing this part of the novel with you and inviting a few more guests onto the show! I’m thrilled we managed to track down Guillaume Velde, that elusive gentleman who is attached to Pagham-on-Sea’s museum as a researcher. Guillaume has given talks at the PoS History Society, and I’ve got him on the show to talk to us about the museum collections in more detail.

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