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Bonus Episode ~ The Sound of Darkness

The bonus episode for March is my short story, ‘The Sound of Darkness’, published in ‘F is for Fear’ by Red Cape Publishing.

Listen now on my podcast page.

The Sound of Darkness

CORRECTION: at one point, I should have said ‘through the door leading to the lifts’, rather than ‘into the lifts’, because Peregrine House has the lifts on a different corridor to the stairs. They then have to wait for a lift. (Lift = elevator). Hopefully you get what I meant!

This one is a bit more personal as a story, and deals with not really being in touch with your heritage and family history, and having other people’s views of you being superimposed on who you’re trying to be. It’s a story about growing up in the 90s, childhood terrors, and self-acceptance, even of the parts of you that you don’t fully understand. I gave the main character a Turkish name and heritage to mirror mine, and the erasure of that heritage and its dismissal by other people is something that perhaps the darkness is analogous of, perhaps not.

While it’s meant to be a ‘horror’ story, I think it’s more a Weird story, as there is no easy answer as to what the protagonist saw or thought he saw as a thirteen-year-old.

You can pick up a copy of the anthology here, or add it to Goodreads.

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