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Podcast S01E15 ~ Chapter 13 Up Now!

Chapter 13 of The Crows is online today! CW for head injury, gore, violence, cannibalism ("the mild Rob Zombie chapter")CHAPTER 13: BEAST WITH A HUMAN FACELinks on my podcast page. Chapter 13: Beast With A Human Face which Fairwood finds a clue and Ricky has a confession... He was off his game and he… Continue reading Podcast S01E15 ~ Chapter 13 Up Now!

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From Romancing the Gothic Blog: 100 Women Writers in Horror, the Gothic and Supernatural Fiction from the 18th Century to 2021

An amazing list of 1-100 authors (and I am on the list!! o.O) Please tip at http://www.ko-fi-com/SamHirst if you can. This is such a good resource.

Romancing the Gothic

I recently completed a twitter thread on 100 women. You can find it here, if you’re interested. It includes more gifs and pictures! But for ease, I’ve collated them all into one list. The entries are fairly brief but I’m happy to tackle any questions you have! Enjoy the list and if you feel like supporting me or chucking me a tip, there’s a ko-fi and a patreon

1 – 10

1) Clara Reeve (1729-1807)

Reeve responded to Walpole’s genre starting Castle of Otranto with The Old English Baron (1778). It got rid of excessive supernaturalism and kept the medieval peril. It was originally published as ‘Champion of Virtue’ in reduced circles in 1777.

2) Sophia Lee (1750 – 1824)

Author and playwright, she and her sisters ran a school in Bath. Her Gothically claustrophobic text The Recess (1785) reimagined history, giving Mary, Queen of Scots, two daughters and telling…

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Gothic Day of Creation: Dialogue Workshop

Today is the Gothic Day of Creation over at Romancing the Gothic project, with so much good stuff going on! I kicked us off with a dialogue workshop, and if you missed it, here are some highlights for you... Choose your characters for the workshop. You need Character A and B. Pick a Gothic trope… Continue reading Gothic Day of Creation: Dialogue Workshop

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Bye Bye 2020!

Tomorrow I'm posting how Pagham-on-Sea residents celebrate(d) NYE and New Year's Day, but today is a more personal look back at the year that was. Main Achievement 2020: DEVELOPED SELF CARE Self Care. I learned how important this actually is for me, made space to do it in different formats, and went back to… Continue reading Bye Bye 2020!


Sponsor my Marathon!

It’s a tweetathon, really, but I think it’s the typing equivalent and it’s catchy, so I’m not changing the hashtag. Yesterday I queued up all the Romancing the Gothic talks and lectures I missed on YouTube, and got through 8 of them, live tweeting as I went. I was tweeting notes from the talks for… Continue reading Sponsor my Marathon!