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The Day We Ate Grandad: IT’S HERE

New Book, New Landing Page!

Cover by Rebecca Kenney

I’ve just got back from a weekend away (the book released on my husband’s birthday…) so I’m just now doing the big (but brief) update post.

I’ve updated the Ko-Fi shop if you prefer to buy your eBooks directly from me, and created a new landing page for the book on BookFunnel. THE DAY WE ATE GRANDAD is now available across online stores, and available in paperback from Amazon.

The new landing page has the CWs and Book Description like the others, and all the stores you can buy it from including my own store link, all in one handy place!

If you want to listen to it, I’m serialising the audio weekly on Thursdays 12pm BST starting 20th April 2023 on Eldritch Girl: Weird Gothic Stuff and Nonsense. You can search for it and listen on any podcast platform you like, and the podcast is currently hosted on substack if you want to subscribe for free to that and my monthly round-up newsletters.

Check out my Podcast page for info, and the Author Interview list with audio and transcripts for S01 and S02. The Author Interviews for S03 have been recorded and I’m excited to share them!

If you grab a copy, please don’t forget to review / leave a star rating, and please do so for the others to help other readers find them! ❤

Looking forward to sharing the posts with you and doing weekly deep-dives/shallow-dives into aspects of the chapters.

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