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#PitLight 08 Apr 23

The Day We Ate Grandad releases next Friday (14 April) and I’m very excited. Digital ARCs have been sent out, and we are now in the 7 day countdown to launch!

I’m participating in #PitLight on Twitter 8th April 2023, which is their Adult event.

With engagement on that app tanking, I’d love it if you searched for me @CMRosens and liked my #PitLight tweets! It’s from 8am – 8pm EST so 1pm – 1am British Summer Time. I’ve scheduled some tweets and will be posting x4 (the max allowed per author) from 3.30pm my time (BST).

You can like, retweet, quote tweet, reply to all the tweets using this tag, it’s a positivity boost for authors and no agents etc are participating. Also check out everyone else’s tweets and boost those too! It’s meant to be a bit of fun. I’m not adding links as self-promo isn’t allowed in that way. I’m just hoping to get a bit of a buzz for it.

Aesthetic for The Day We Ate Grandad, made on Canva Pro

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