#MonstrousMay 2022

Graphic credit: Johannes T. Evans

Last year, Johannes T. Evans (whom I interviewed on the podcast for Queer Monster Hour) inaugurated #MonstrousMay for all kinds of creators to get involved with. It doesn’t matter what you create or in what medium, you can join in and interpret the prompts however you want.

Every day through May is a new prompt. His full post is here.

Tag your prompts #MonstrousMay – you can follow Johannes, the creator of the tag and prompts, on Twitter, Medium, Patreon and Ko-Fi. His usual content is 18+ only!

Creator: Johannes T. Evans, erotica writer and comedian

Prompts ~ Accessible List

  1. Vampires
  2. Monster Under the Bed
  3. Monstrous Bugs
  4. Centaurs & Satyrs
  5. Werewolves
  6. Monster in the Woods
  7. Dragons
  8. Monstrous Birds
  9. Trolls
  10. Mermaids
  11. Monster in the Dark
  12. Zombies
  13. Monstrous Fish
  14. Possessed & Haunted
  15. The Fae
  16. Monster in the Sky
  17. Sirens
  18. Monstrous People
  19. Wraiths
  20. Demons
  21. Monster in the Water
  22. Gnomes
  23. Monstrous Plants
  24. Constructs & Automata
  25. Angels
  26. Monster in the Walls
  27. Giants
  28. Monstrous Animals
  29. Nymphs
  30. Minotaurs
  31. Monster Underground

I’m looking forward to this and I will try to join in with some short fiction!

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