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May Schedule: Podcast & Monstrous May!

I’m going to be participating in the #MonstrousMayChallenge hosted by Johannes Evans, using his prompts for the month to create content exclusively for my Ko-Fi supporters. If you’ve bought something from my shop (99p counts!) or dropped me a tip once, that means you. If you haven’t, but want to be included, go check out my Ko-Fi Shop now, or drop me a tip, and you’ll get access to all the month’s exclusive content.

Included in this will be a first draft scene from Eldritch Girls Just Want To Have Fun – so look out for a culture clash on 29 May when Sasha Shaw brings her new ‘boyfriend’ to Sunday lunch with the family. Nita Pan my co-writer is scheduling the complete scene on their Patreon so if you want to sign up for the month, now’s the time! You can listen to Nita’s interview on my podcast here, transcript here.

You can find the full prompt list with alternatives and FAQs for the Monstrous May Challenge here.

I’m also going to be creating content for my podcast’s two (2!) bonus episodes this month, which will be based on Monstrous May prompts.

Séance – interior illustration in The Crows paperback, by Thomas Brown

I had to split Ch 11 into two parts, so that threw off my schedule in April, but the projected schedule this month looks like this!

Looking forward to Maria DeBlassie’s interview on Monday 3rd May, when the transcript will also go live. We talk about zombies and the monstrous world of dating, Hopeful Gothic, and everyday magic. A pretty good start to Monstrous May even though it doesn’t quite work with the prompt – The Vampire. However, zombies are another good undead monster to contend with, so it’s all good!

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