Tick Tick Tick

Winding Down?

… Some of you will recognise the title of this week’s post if you’ve read The Book of Time. It’s Father Time’s way of letting the reader know a time jump is about to occur, and that the next section will take place a little further along – maybe a few hours later, maybe a few days later, or maybe even six years later. It’s quite a handy little three-word device! But lately, I’ve been feeling like that is actually happening… as if someone just says three little words and – tick tick tick – and *poof* the week’s gone somewhere and I’ve not done half of what I meant to do!
I’ve been a bit bogged down with several projects alongside real life, and that has been a bit of an issue.

Historical Fiction Smackdown

If you’ve never participated in a smackdown, they happen in The Pub, a secret club in the darker reaches of wattpad, where all sorts of wondrous things take place. They happen throughout the year and across all the genres (or most of the genres… if they don’t happen for yours, start one!!) and are great fun to get the juices flowing.

I’m in Round 2 and my entries are here:


The Book of Chance

Book 3 of the Faustine Chronicles is being fleshed out, but please bear with me… I’m having to pause every so often to readjust the plot! I’ve nailed it now, though… and the next two chapters are up! So if you’re following the adventures so far, have a little look at this:



I’ve got my query letter and synopsis of The Book of Fate all polished up and ready to fly. I now need to edit the MS and give it a final polish. I’ve torn apart the first 25 pages and they are just about ready to go. It’s just the rest of it…! *facedesk*

Fortunately, I have the help of some wonderful wattpadians and fellow aspiring authors. Stay tuned, as some of them will be guest blogging here in the near(-ish) future!

I must leave you now, and keep this brief.

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