Monstrous May, Pagham-verse, the day we ate grandad

#MonstrousMay 2023: Hypnotised

Hypnotised An extract from Chapter 9 of THE DAY WE ATE GRANDAD “You look nervous,” Jem Foreman observed, and Theo tried not to blush. Nerves were natural, he told himself, and not at all a sign of doubt. It was the thrill of it, being so close to ultimate power, the source of their family’s… Continue reading #MonstrousMay 2023: Hypnotised

Monstrous May, Pagham-verse

#MonstrousMay: The Monster’s Teeth

cw: human teeth, graphic sensory descriptions The Monster's Teeth He wasn’t meant to be here.  He knew he shouldn’t touch anything when he was in the Big House, and his mother had told him to stay in the kitchen. He could hear grown-up voices shouting and calling from all over, some commotion and cries of… Continue reading #MonstrousMay: The Monster’s Teeth

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#MonstrousMay 2023

It's nearly that time of year again and I'm trying some short fic for Monstrous May prompts. I'll be posting them here, tumblr and on my Ko-Fi. I'll also be posting to Twitter and Mastodon this year, and doing a round up of all my posts in my newsletter at the end of the month,… Continue reading #MonstrousMay 2023

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Queer Monster Hour with Johannes T. Evans

The June bonus episode is an hour-long chat with author and stand-up comedian Johannes T. Evans on queerness, monsters, monstrous bodies, and exploring power dynamics in relationships. Twitter: Medium: Website: His novel, Heart of Stone, can be found on Amazon. AUDIO: Listen on Spotify, Apple, Google Podcasts and other platforms - see my… Continue reading Queer Monster Hour with Johannes T. Evans