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British Killers and Cannibals in Folklore & Fiction: Influences for the Pendle Clan

I thought I'd do a "Spotlight" post on the eldritch clan at the heart of my first 3 novels (THE CROWS - main point of view from an outsider, THIRTEENTH and THE DAY WE ATE GRANDAD duology both from internal perspective) and look at the grisly things that influenced their creation. The concept is a… Continue reading British Killers and Cannibals in Folklore & Fiction: Influences for the Pendle Clan

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Welsh Gothic: Language

The question of language in Welsh Gothic has undergone a shift since 1997 and the implementation of the Welsh Government's Welsh Language policies. It is no longer a site of contest, but protected in law and promoted across the country. It is visible on all official signs, official forms are bilingual, and schools where Welsh… Continue reading Welsh Gothic: Language

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Welsh Gothic: Landscape

I've been thinking more about modern Welsh Gothic recently and want to re-watch the BBC's 6-part mini-series REQUIEM on Netflix (still there as of 19/09/2020) which plays with the tropes and atmosphere so well. Comments on the series are somewhat divided between loving it/loathing it, and I'm not going to discuss whether or not it's… Continue reading Welsh Gothic: Landscape

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Happy St David’s Day!

Happy St David's Day/Dydd Gŵyl Dewi Hapus. I'm late posting this, but let me rectify it by offering you a recipe for Welsh Cakes and Crempogau (Welsh Pancakes). The recipe for crempogau is (apparently) one of the oldest in Wales. They aren't like crepes or American pancakes and take about 55mins to make so allow… Continue reading Happy St David’s Day!

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Welsh Gothic Tropes V: The Sin-Eater

Introduction The Sin-Eater was a Welsh export to America, now so forgotten in Wales and so connected with Appalachia, that most Welsh might now consider it to be an American phenomenon, rather than a part of their own history. The Sin-Eater has their* own chapter in Jane Aaron's Welsh Gothic (Chapter 6) and this is… Continue reading Welsh Gothic Tropes V: The Sin-Eater