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Podcast S02E07 Thirteenth ~ Part 7

Welcome back to Eldritch Girl... Today we start Chapter 4: The Call of the Wild, in which Ricky goes for a winter walk, and he and Carrie have a heart-to-heart... CWs: very strong language [includes use of c-word, for US listeners], casual attitude to random killing, troubled/complicated domestic dynamics, calling out controlling behaviour. Listen Now… Continue reading Podcast S02E07 Thirteenth ~ Part 7

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Podcast S02E05 ~ Thirteenth Part 5

Welcome back to Eldritch Girl... In Part 5, Wes fails to handle some personal problems and ends up on yet another family outing he doesn't want to be involved with. CWs: unhealthy sexual/romantic relationship, addiction, coerced drug-taking, toxic family dynamic. listen now Chapter 3: Dangerous Liaisons His phone buzzed in his pocket, but he ignored… Continue reading Podcast S02E05 ~ Thirteenth Part 5

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Podcast S02E02 ~ Thirteenth Part 2

Welcome back to ELDRITCH GIRL! This time, I'm having to split up the novel differently. THE CROWS had 21 chapters and an epilogue which worked out at around 23 episodes for the first season, but THIRTEENTH only has 13 chapters and is about the same length. So we're going with calling the episodes "Parts" and… Continue reading Podcast S02E02 ~ Thirteenth Part 2

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Podcast S01E14 ~ Chapter 12 Up Now!

Carrie pulled away and pressed herself against the crumbling wall of the cottage. She heard the door slam over the muffled curses of Ricky's father. Before she could scramble up, Ricky stalked by her, hurling the shell of a washing machine out of the way. Carrie couldn't stop the muffled squeak that came out as he passed. There, in the back of Ricky Porter's shaved skull, was a large gaping mouth.

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#AmWriting (Honest)

So! You've read The Crows, or you're nearing the end, and you want to know what I'm writing next? OF COURSE YOU ARE. I find it hard to keep all my eggs from rolling out of their respective baskets so here's a breakdown of the projects I'm working on and where they all are in… Continue reading #AmWriting (Honest)