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#AmWriting (Honest)

So! You've read The Crows, or you're nearing the end, and you want to know what I'm writing next? OF COURSE YOU ARE. I find it hard to keep all my eggs from rolling out of their respective baskets so here's a breakdown of the projects I'm working on and where they all are in… Continue reading #AmWriting (Honest)

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#Gothic Tropes To Feed Your Soul: (4) THE GRANDE DAME

Part Four of the Gothic Tropes series looks at a specific type of character: the stately older woman whose watchword is 'Respectability'. There's one in The Crows, but she's a bit of a subversion of this trope. Let's get to know this kind of lady better... Who Is The Grand[e] Dame? I'll have to do this… Continue reading #Gothic Tropes To Feed Your Soul: (4) THE GRANDE DAME