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Eldritch Girl S02E01 ~ It’s Back!

Today we're kicking off with the first episode of a brand new season of ELDRITCH GIRL, in which we meet Katy Porter again - she pops up as a cameo at the end of Ch 4 of THE CROWS - this time from her point of view. She's turned 17, and life is going downhill… Continue reading Eldritch Girl S02E01 ~ It’s Back!

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New Ricky Fan Art!

Check out artist Daniel Beswick if you like creepy Weird art! He messaged me on Instagram (where you can find him @/visceralrevolt) to say he'd picked up THE CROWS and he was enjoying it. I've been under the weather lately so I just had a nap and woke up to some AMAZING art of Ricky… Continue reading New Ricky Fan Art!

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Book Trailer: The Reluctant Husband

I tried my hand at making a book trailer and it is my first proper attempt... it's for my novella THE RELUCTANT HUSBAND which I posted about here. Here is the YouTube link... And here's the Spotify Playlist!

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#AmReading: Fictional Murder

It's spooky season, so I'm going to do a few posts on things to read during this time! Off the back of the non-fiction series of murder posts, I'm kicking off with murder at a haunted attraction, and then I've got a guest post to share with a load of recs for body horror books.… Continue reading #AmReading: Fictional Murder

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Medieval Murder ~ Justice, Law Enforcement and Cross-County Networks

Pen & Sword Books 2020 Chapter 7 Have you ever wondered what a medieval trial was like? Have you ever wondered if the stereotype of the corrupt sheriff was real? If you've ever seen or read historical fiction where someone is framed or is facing a trial where the elites are clearly not going to… Continue reading Medieval Murder ~ Justice, Law Enforcement and Cross-County Networks