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A brand new Halloween release for 2022! Well – not exactly brand new, as a version of it has been up on Ko-Fi for supporters only in 9 parts for some time. Ko-Fi members get this one for free via my Ko-Fi shop, and it’s discounted on there at £1.99, but it’s on general release for everyone else at £2.99.

This one is set during the pandemic of 2020, when lockdown rules were lifted temporarily only to be slammed back down again around Christmas. It’s not that accurate, but it uses LFTs and issues with hire car fleets as plot points.

Ricky Porter the eldritch haruspex, in a classic twist on the Etruscan tradition of liver reading, needs some young people to sacrifice in order to read his own future in their entrails, which he can only do under a Blue Moon. The omens say five are due to die before midnight, but his beloved home is not happy about him going out to hunt them down. Fortunately, as fate would have it, there’s a knock on the door…

Influences and Comps

  • STAG (mini-series 2016)
  • THE RITUAL by Adam Nevill
  • MADE IN CHELSEA (TV series)
  • READY OR NOT (2019)
  • GET DUKED! (2019)
  • TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE franchise – especially the original where the chainsaw is used only once on a still-living person and yet the title is what it is


  • Car breaks down at night on a country road, but there’s a Creepy Old House!
  • Obnoxious upper middle/upper class people vs working class people
  • People getting picked off in a house of horrors (but with a slight twist)
  • You can’t fight fate
  • Horror-comedy with dark situational humour
  • Hapless protagonist has a corruption arc
  • Making friends with the killers who have no reason to kill you
  • Killers win

Please show this fun anti-slasher some love and leave a review if you can!

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