Sponsor my Marathon!

It’s a tweetathon, really, but I think it’s the typing equivalent and it’s catchy, so I’m not changing the hashtag. Yesterday I queued up all the Romancing the Gothic talks and lectures I missed on YouTube, and got through 8 of them, live tweeting as I went. I was tweeting notes from the talks for 8.5 hours, from 14.30-23.00 BST, to raise money for Umbrella Cymru. Umbrella Cymru is a Waleswide support organisation for gender and sexual diversity. Check them out and donate directly via their website.

I also linked ways to support individual speakers and the charities they wanted to raise donations for, so feel free to do that instead or as well. You can support advocacy groups and charities that fight against modern Roma oppression based in the U.K. and E. U., and/or donate to the BH Legal Fund to support Native Americans arrested while protesting political rallies on their land.

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