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Cover Reveal + Q&A! Mon 14 Dec

Cover Design: Rebecca F. Kenney

Q&A with C. M. Rosens

Do you have any questions about The Crows, Thirteenth, the world I’ve created or the characters that inhabit it? Anything you’d like to know about me? Ask me now in the run-up to Monday, and I’ll answer all your questions and post my responses! [I can keep your questions anonymous if you prefer, or give you a shout-out by tagging you on social media].

I will post my responses in video format Monday 9pm GMT, but I’ll also try and type up my responses in a transcript (or if not a direct transcript more or less the same!) and post to this site. I might try my hand at Insta Live and post to IGTV, but a recorded response would allow me to post snippets on Twitter and to Facebook as well, and upload to YouTube, so I may go for that!

Submit your Questions!

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