Romancing the Gothic: Sponsored Tweetathon

Hi frens! I queued up a load of talks on YouTube (all free), and live-tweeted them as I watched, all to raise money for the project they are part of. As a result, the project got a few new subscribers and Patrons, and people donated some pennies to the cause to keep it going.

I lasted roughly from 07.30-17.00, took a 5min comfort break and 15mins for lunch in that time, and completed 9 talks on my playlist out of a possible 14.

It’s not too late to sponsor me for my feat!

You can show your support on Ko-Fi – www.ko-fi.com/SamHirst – with the note #RtGMarathon2.

My threads are embedded below – all 9 of them! So you can see the fruits of my Herculean labour and follow the links to donate there as well.

Subscribe to the YouTube Channel while you’re watching along and reading my thread!

Become a Patron at www.patreon.com/romancingthegothic to support the project and get additional video content! Or, as I said, show your appreciation for mental endurance and throw some pennies in the Ko-Fi as a one-off tip.

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