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Medieval Murder and Modern Day Detectives

Hi everyone! For those who would like to join in, I’m running an interactive creative approaches to history course in December based on a real medieval murder case. I’m a medievalist by training and teach Adult Learning courses at Cardiff University’s Centre for Continuing and Professional Education (CPE), and for December I’m teaming up with the Romancing the Gothic project to teach a condensed version of an 8-week course with a creative response element.

This is based around my latest book (nonfiction, so not under my pen name! Le gasp!) published with Pen and Sword Books this year. Murder During the Hundred Years’ War: The Curious Case of William Cantilupe is now available in hardback, and you can pre-order the eBook which releases 31 December 2020.

On this two-part course you will explore the true story of William de Cantilupe, murdered in 1375, his relevant family background, and the trial that condemned two men for his killing: his squire and his butler. But did they do it?

You will hear the evidence and the twists and turns, the conclusions and assumptions made by historians since the 1930s, and the gaps in the evidence that will forever remain unknown. Why did historians form conclusions – now assumed to be correct – based on so little evidence? Who would you convict (or would you)?

There will be an opportunity to creatively reimagine this case for yourself, with others or individually, as an optional assignment. You could choose to fictionalise any aspect of the case, bring it to life through an artistic medium of your choice, or use it as inspiration for a novel or play – it’s up to you!

The course I’m running is open to everyone, will be taught on Zoom, and take place over 2 weeks: Class 1 of 2 is on Friday 4th Dec 2020 and Class 2 of 2 is on Friday 11th Dec 2020. There is a morning option at 10am GMT, and an evening option at 7pm GMT.

Eventbrite tickets are £5.80 which covers the cost of both classes and access to the source pack, containing the learning materials.

If you already support the Romancing the Gothic project on Patreon at the second tier or above, or you’re an equivalent monthly supporter on Ko-Fi, contact Dr Sam Hirst the project leader/convener for a free space! You can get in touch with them on Twitter @RomGothSam, or email them at hollyhirst84 @ gmail . com.

How do I sign up?!

Easy! You can sign up here



It is fine if you don’t do the reading or just want to drop in for interest! The creative response to the course is optional!

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