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Sleeping Beauty Stories

My Sleeping Beauty ThemeMy forthcoming paranormal novel, The Crows, is a kind of gender-flipped Sleeping Beauty story, where the [female] protagonist wakes a sentient house from its dormant state, only for it to fall in love with her. It's Sleeping Beauty meets Stephen King's Rose Red, set in a creepy town on the south coast… Continue reading Sleeping Beauty Stories

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Snow White Stories

At first glance, Snow White is basically a variant of Cinderella. A young, pretty Protagonist is treated badly by her step-mother (although in older versions it's actually her biological mother) who is jealous of her. The [step-]mother tries to kill Cinder- sorry - Snow White instead of merely mistreating her. Aided by her Friends (for… Continue reading Snow White Stories

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The Zodiac Posts – PISCES [1] Diversity in Fiction: Mental Health

Diversity in Fiction - Mental Health A while ago I started to do a themed series of blog posts, using the zodiac signs and their associated traits as the central inspiration for the blog post topic. I'm resuming this because it's a ready-made series of topics, and it's a bit of a challenge! I started… Continue reading The Zodiac Posts – PISCES [1] Diversity in Fiction: Mental Health