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Podcast S02 Bonus Ep 2 ~ News from Pagham-on-Sea!

This episode is all about three updates... I managed to talk about them for 20mins so here they are in brief! listen now The Crows Hardback Anniversary Edition and limited edition book boxes: I've already posted about this here. We're looking at a January 2022 release, and I am SO excited for it. The map… Continue reading Podcast S02 Bonus Ep 2 ~ News from Pagham-on-Sea!

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The Crows Hardback Release: January 2022

I'm very excited to announce that THE CROWS is getting a hardback edition, and there will be: A new cover designed by Rebecca F. KenneyThe original 5 illustrations by Thomas Brown which appear in the paperback (there are only 3 in the eBook)A black and white town map by Dewi HargreavesAn exclusive short story at… Continue reading The Crows Hardback Release: January 2022

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Podcast S02E06 ~ Thirteenth Part 6

Welcome back to Eldritch Girl... In this part of the novel (continuing Chapter 3 of 13), Katy has an eye-opening chat with Ricky, while Wes gets wasted and unlocks a surprising new ability. CWs: implied cannibalism of human/human-passing organs, drugs and alcohol, background gore, amputation and torture, masturbation and xenophobia listen now Chapter 3 (continued)… Continue reading Podcast S02E06 ~ Thirteenth Part 6

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Author Interview: Alessandra Pino, co-author of A Gothic Cookbook

CWs: This interview discusses food in detail, the eating of food, the trust and lack of trust in food, contamination of food, and how food is used in the Gothic and horror genres to create destabilising and horrifying effects/affects. The transcript includes two videos, one a recorded free talk by Allie Pino on food and… Continue reading Author Interview: Alessandra Pino, co-author of A Gothic Cookbook

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Podcast S02E04 ~ Thirteenth Part 4

We pick up from last week, still in Chapter 2: Lord of the Flies, and go to the end of the chapter with this next section, another Katy POV. Katy wakes up in unfamiliar surroundings, and underestimates her cousin. CWs: abduction, toxic family dynamics, teen with self-harm tendencies/ideation LISTEN NOW Chapter 2 ~ Lord of… Continue reading Podcast S02E04 ~ Thirteenth Part 4