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Ghostly Advent Calendar Days 8-18

A sad tale's best for winter: I have oneOf sprites and goblins.Shakespeare, A Winter's Tale In celebration of the release of F is for Fear, featuring 13 tales of terror including my own short story, 'The Sound of Darkness', 25+ stories of ghosts, ghouls and spooky goings-on have been collected for you here, all ready… Continue reading Ghostly Advent Calendar Days 8-18

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#AmReading: Cambria Gothica II: Welsh Ghostlore & Folklore before 1830

Introduction In the previous post we looked at texts featured in Chapter 1 of Jane Aaron's Welsh Gothic, and very briefly at the postcolonial framing of some of these narratives. This post looks at the ghost stories and dark tales that were associated with different parts of Wales, used as inspiration for the Gothic tales of… Continue reading #AmReading: Cambria Gothica II: Welsh Ghostlore & Folklore before 1830