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Fairies in the Pagham-verse: Hiraeth and Cynefin

Cadair Bran is not the only Welsh-based idea I've been playing with. I would love to have a dystopian, post-apocalyptic SciFi version of Wales that isn't magical (ok, maybe has elements of magical realism). But I also want to find more magic in the places I grew up, the places where I live now, the… Continue reading Fairies in the Pagham-verse: Hiraeth and Cynefin

Writing Prompt

Rapunzel Stories

Hair-Raising Twists Ah, another classic tale that's had a lot of interesting adaptations over the years... Hopefully my musings are also helpful for sparking inspiration, and it's a lot of fun coming up with prompts based on the various elements of the tales. Some of my favourite versions of this story include¬†The Stone Cage by… Continue reading Rapunzel Stories

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Sleeping Beauty Stories

My Sleeping Beauty ThemeMy forthcoming paranormal novel, The Crows, is a kind of gender-flipped Sleeping Beauty story, where the [female] protagonist wakes a sentient house from its dormant state, only for it to fall in love with her. It's Sleeping Beauty meets Stephen King's Rose Red, set in a creepy town on the south coast… Continue reading Sleeping Beauty Stories