#SpotlightOn… Ricky Porter

Unsurprisingly, Ricky won the next poll... so here is Part 1 and Part 2 of the TikToks I did for him! Character Origins Bramble Cottage appeared first in a draft of Pagham-on-Sea werewolf thriller Real Meat where it had a touch of Roald Dahl's The Witches about it (I read that as a… Continue reading #SpotlightOn… Ricky Porter

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#WriterlyWiPChat: July Q&A Week 1

Days 1-7 Introduce yourself! Hello! CMR/Mel - your friendly local Gothic eldritch horror writer. My life is a Gothic Horror bingo card with a bit of creative flair and a lot of soft things. Wander with me through ancient evergreen forests of bone and smoke until you reach the signpost that says 'Milton Keynes 5… Continue reading #WriterlyWiPChat: July Q&A Week 1

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#Gothic Tropes To Feed Your Soul: (3) MEET THE LOCALS

What better way to celebrate spooky season than a series of blog posts on Gothic tropes? I'm hoping to get The Crows back from my editor by December in time for a January release, and every chapter heading is a different Gothic trope. Chapter Three of The Crows is currently titled Meeting the Locals, in… Continue reading #Gothic Tropes To Feed Your Soul: (3) MEET THE LOCALS

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Writing the Right Protagonist!

Personality TestSome tips for writing believable, relatable protagonists: Have you done a personality test for your protag? I had some issues with my main character in The Crows because I thought she was flat and not as likeable as I wanted her to be. I took an MBTI test for her and she came out… Continue reading Writing the Right Protagonist!

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The Zodiac Posts: CAPRICORN [1] Being Down-to-Earth – Realistic Character Development

Being Down-to-Earth: Realistic Character Development Over Time I've decided to start with Capricorn, because the ideas for topics that I came up with for this general sign resonated with me after watching Season 3 of a TV show last night. My life is really very exciting. Clearly. Now, I know I've blogged on this topic… Continue reading The Zodiac Posts: CAPRICORN [1] Being Down-to-Earth – Realistic Character Development