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#AmReading: Goodreads Review of Robert Aickman, “Cold Hand In Mine”

Cold Hand in Mine: Strange Stories by Robert Aickman My rating: 3 of 5 stars Firstly, this is a collection about death. Hence the title. In most of the stories the death is never explicit - it could be the protagonist's, or it could be someone they know. It could be metaphorical, as in "The… Continue reading #AmReading: Goodreads Review of Robert Aickman, “Cold Hand In Mine”


#SpookySat Prompts!

I'm going to host a fun word prompt game weekly from Sat 28 Sept to the last Saturday in December, because what better spooky time for some tweet-sized micro-fiction with a spooky theme than Autumn-Winter? Prompts will be tweeted from my @CMRosens account at 9am every Saturday (GMT). Using the word prompt, tweet a tiny… Continue reading #SpookySat Prompts!

Pagham-verse, The Crows

Spooky Reading Playlists! What’s Yours?

What do you like listening to when you read spooky stories? The Crows has its own playlist, made by one of my awesome beta readers: And if you need a bit of bone-chilling dark cabaret in your life (lyrics abounding in trigger warnings), you should definitely follow this playlist too: Want something a… Continue reading Spooky Reading Playlists! What’s Yours?

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Snake & Feather: Party Time

Promotional Flyer Time! A popular song played repeatedly on the Underground Network radio, The Song of Dear Dead Daphne (re-released as Sweet Necrophiliac's Sweetheart) made the Top 10 in 1989 and was written and performed by the lead singer of the popular banshee band, Crowblack. Lead singer River O'Dare says that she was inspired by… Continue reading Snake & Feather: Party Time

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Pagham-on-Sea: One Big, Sexy Infographic

Check out these other posts if you're thinking of moving to Pagham-on-Sea: So You’re Moving To Pagham-on-Sea: Doing the Groundwork So You’ve Moved To Pagham-on-Sea: Getting Medical Help The Doctor Will See You Now Pagham-on-Sea: Historical Sites Pagham-on-Sea: Cryptids & the Unexplained Pagham-on-Sea: Famous Women Pagham-on-Sea: Undead Fashion Pagham-on-Sea: Werewolf Fashion Pagham-on-Sea: New Estate Fashion… Continue reading Pagham-on-Sea: One Big, Sexy Infographic