Eldritch Girl S03 Trailer

Yes, it's that time again... My new novel is coming out soon, and that means so is S03 of the podcast, so you can listen along for free as you read. This is primarily an accessibility thing for me: I can't afford to work with professional voice actors, but that would be my dream. I… Continue reading Eldritch Girl S03 Trailer

Book Review


This charity indie anthology is finally released! My Say in the Matter is a pro-bodily autonomy anthology featuring social horror and spec fic with horror elements. It was put together for charity in wake of the Roe v Wade ruling in the United States, but the contributors (including the artists) are international. Filled with poetry, short… Continue reading #AmReading ~ MY SAY IN THE MATTER

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#AmWriting Update: Eldritch Girls Just Want To Have Fun

Sasha and Tosh by @/warickaart - Therese You may remember that I'm co-writing a splatterpunk horrormance, and the eagle-eyed among you will have noticed that THIRTEENTH has the following in its frontmatter: Chapter 3 cameo appearances in the snuff film scene arerelated to the spin-off ELDRITCH GIRLS JUSTWANT TO HAVE FUN, co-written with Nita Pan.Tosh… Continue reading #AmWriting Update: Eldritch Girls Just Want To Have Fun

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I’m Featured on Booktube! Twice!

So excited to announce that I'm featured on not one but TWO YouTube channels this month. First off, THE CROWS got a shout out from Mers (Harpies in the Trees), where the synopsis was voted as the Patrons' Pick (https://www.patreon.com/harpiesinthetrees). So glad to be featured in Episode 4 of Mers' channel, where 3 other indie… Continue reading I’m Featured on Booktube! Twice!

Book Review

#AmReading ~ Woe To Those Who Dwell On Earth by John Lynch

3.5 stars rounded to 4 stars - this was a mixed bag for me as it was my first ever foray into Extreme Horror/military splatterpunk and I think the stories that weren't for me will definitely be up other peoples' alleys! Read it if: You like military fiction, specifically Marine Corps context, culture and characters,… Continue reading #AmReading ~ Woe To Those Who Dwell On Earth by John Lynch