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Welsh Gothic: Landscape

I've been thinking more about modern Welsh Gothic recently and want to re-watch the BBC's 6-part mini-series REQUIEM on Netflix (still there as of 19/09/2020) which plays with the tropes and atmosphere so well. Comments on the series are somewhat divided between loving it/loathing it, and I'm not going to discuss whether or not it's… Continue reading Welsh Gothic: Landscape

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Welsh Gothic Tropes I: Death Omens

IntroductionOne element that recurs throughout Welsh Gothic fiction is ... the death omen. Whether it's a raven being shot and showering the bride-to-be in blood as it plummets down a well ('The Prediction', 1827), or a cow biting off its own teats on a failing farm (Martha, Jac a Sianco, 2004, I kid you not),… Continue reading Welsh Gothic Tropes I: Death Omens

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#AmReading: Haunted Communities I: Gothic Dissent (1900s-1940s)

Introduction Chapter 3 of Jane Aaron's Welsh Gothic, (UWP, 2013), focuses on the shift in themes that characterised Welsh Gothic Fiction in the first part of the twentieth century. This post looks at the historical religious background in brief in the first section, and in the second part highlights some of the fiction that Aaron discusses.… Continue reading #AmReading: Haunted Communities I: Gothic Dissent (1900s-1940s)