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#MonstrousMay 1: Vampires

I'm re-posting two vampire vignettes from last year, as I'm not that into vampires at the moment and I want to spend some time on other prompts. So some golden oldies to kick off with! My nonfiction post on Welsh folklore and vampires can be found here. Credit: Johannes T. Evans Midnight at the Crazy… Continue reading #MonstrousMay 1: Vampires

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Hungarian Cannibal Gang Case: 1782 (Part 1 of 2: The Sources)

In my research for the 18thC Slasher WiP I'm co-writing, now titled REDSTONE; OR, THE 'BLOODY BEACH' MURDERS, I came across a case of a cannibal gang reported in the Reading Mercury under the Foreign Affairs section. This article is the extended version of the report that came out in July 1782, detailing the execution… Continue reading Hungarian Cannibal Gang Case: 1782 (Part 1 of 2: The Sources)

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Author Interview ~ Magen Cubed

Author Bio Magen Cubed is an Eisner-nominated writer, essayist, and occasional critic, best known for her queer monster-hunting urban fantasy/paranormal romance series SOUTHERN GOTHIC. She has appeared in the critically acclaimed TWISTED ROMANCE comics anthology from Image Comics and has bylines on the award-winning Women Write About Comics. Magen lives in Florida with her girlfriend… Continue reading Author Interview ~ Magen Cubed

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Author Interview Transcript: S. T. [Saint] Gibson

In this episode of the podcast, I got to chat to S. T. / Saint Gibson, author of A DOWRY OF BLOOD. The interview discusses the themes of DOWRY, the novel DRACULA and its various adaptations, including the infanticidal nature of the brides in those versions, and may contain spoilers for films like Van Helsing… Continue reading Author Interview Transcript: S. T. [Saint] Gibson

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Pagham-on-Sea: Dark Tourism

Why come to Pagham-on-Sea? Well, if you're a big vampire fan with money to burn but can't afford a weekend in one of the bigger, more expensive cities like London where the upmarket vampire scene is pretty elitist, then Pagham-on-Sea has several B&Bs and a TravelInn. There are three vampire-owned clubs in the town and… Continue reading Pagham-on-Sea: Dark Tourism