Pagham-verse, Podcast, thirteenth

Podcast S02E19 ~ Thirteenth Part 19

Welcome back to Eldritch Girl... Katy's metamorphosis begins, Ricky takes a risk that leads to a bad trip, and Wes finds himself assuming responsibility. CWs: consuming non-edible hallucinogenic/toxic substance, discussion of sexual relationship between cousins, deconstructive body horror (while conscious). LISTEN NOW Chapter 12 The moon found another break in the clouds and lit up… Continue reading Podcast S02E19 ~ Thirteenth Part 19

Pagham-verse, Podcast, thirteenth

Podcast S02E18 ~ Thirteenth Part 18

Katy, Wes and Ricky begin their exploration of the Outside, but Wes isn't the only one to be affected by the atmosphere in this other dimension. CWs: body horror, family-context aggression, thinking of people as objects, blood/accidental cut (superficial). Listen Now Chapter 11 Wes was out in front, making the balancing act along the outcrop… Continue reading Podcast S02E18 ~ Thirteenth Part 18

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Podcast S02E17 ~ Thirteenth Part 17

The Triad find themselves trapped the wrong side of the portal with an unexpected benefit for Wes. CWs: fist-fight, blood, disordered eating/mindless eating to painful over-capacity (of rotten food) LISTEN NOW Chapter 11 Wes gave a loud shout and nearly cannoned into him, forcing his sister to duck down.Ricky turned.Something was emerging from the sea,… Continue reading Podcast S02E17 ~ Thirteenth Part 17

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Podcast S02E16 ~ Thirteenth Part 16

Welcome back to Eldritch Girl... The final act of the novel is upon us, and in this part, Katy returns to the Outside unprepared and Wes seizes his chance to get rid of Ricky. CWs: incision/self-mutilation, drug-addled decision-making, aggressive family arguments, body horror. Listen now Chapter 10 Memories crowded him, bouncing against the dark sand.… Continue reading Podcast S02E16 ~ Thirteenth Part 16

Pagham-verse, Podcast, thirteenth, weird fiction

Podcast S02E15 ~ Thirteenth Part 15

Welcome back to Eldritch Girl... Ricky struggles to cope with his cousins and his deeply-rooted insecurities, while Katy, struggling to deal with her grief and newfound knowledge, figures out why Wes is on the List. Wes is just... struggling. CWs: alcohol use in context of a depression spiral, lack of self-awareness, on-page panic attack, references… Continue reading Podcast S02E15 ~ Thirteenth Part 15