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#AmReading: Cambria Gothica II: Welsh Ghostlore & Folklore before 1830

Introduction In the previous post we looked at texts featured in Chapter 1 of Jane Aaron's Welsh Gothic, and very briefly at the postcolonial framing of some of these narratives. This post looks at the ghost stories and dark tales that were associated with different parts of Wales, used as inspiration for the Gothic tales of… Continue reading #AmReading: Cambria Gothica II: Welsh Ghostlore & Folklore before 1830

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Pagham-on-Sea: How To Spot A Sex Demon

In the binary days of yore, they were known as succubi/incubi by human demonologists, denoting female/male respectively, but in fact sex demons can be whatever you want them to be, and don't personally identify as either. Most of the succubus and incubus attacks in one area are perpetrated by the same demon, and they don't… Continue reading Pagham-on-Sea: How To Spot A Sex Demon

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Pagham-on-Sea: Cryptids & the Unexplained

Cryptids, Myths and LegendsDoes the Paghamverse have cryptids? Of course it does! Butchers can't serve them without a licence. It's possible that they came into being when other creatures crossed over from other dimensions into ours. One of these is the angelic legion of Nature, known as the Bél. The Bél are essentially anthro, and… Continue reading Pagham-on-Sea: Cryptids & the Unexplained