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Author Interview Transcript: S. T. [Saint] Gibson

In this episode of the podcast, I got to chat to S. T. / Saint Gibson, author of A DOWRY OF BLOOD. The interview discusses the themes of DOWRY, the novel DRACULA and its various adaptations, including the infanticidal nature of the brides in those versions, and may contain spoilers for films like Van Helsing… Continue reading Author Interview Transcript: S. T. [Saint] Gibson

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Author Interview ~ April-Jane Rowan on Folklore, Body Horror and Tainted Love

Meet the Author and the Gurt Dog Press Team April-Jane Rowan April-Jane Rowan was born with a morbid fascination that she turned into writing so she could explain away her strangeness. Luckily for her, she found she rather liked it, so for many years, she has been creating bizarre, dark tales. When not writing, she… Continue reading Author Interview ~ April-Jane Rowan on Folklore, Body Horror and Tainted Love

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Overexposure Announcing a new short story featuring characters that appear in The Crows and forthcoming novel Thirteenth - a tragic, twisted romance, 'Overexposure'. It's more obsession than romance, but Charlie and Wes's relationship is a complex one and this is where it started. If you want to read a 'final.1' draft for free, then you… Continue reading NEW SHORT STORY!

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Left Page Interview ~ C. M. Rosens & THE CROWS

Hi folks! I got to do an interview on The Left Page podcast (in English, but based in Brazil) with Frank Lopes, now hosting solo as his co-host Bruno has had to step down. It's a really fun podcast discussing literature from a left perspective. I'm Episode 31! The introduction (first aired 13 Feb 2019)… Continue reading Left Page Interview ~ C. M. Rosens & THE CROWS

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The Sound of Darkness

My short story 'The Sound of Darkness' is the twelfth of thirteen tales of terror in Red Cape Publishing's latest anthology, F is for Fear. F is for Fear is part of their A-Z of Horror series, and submissions are now open for the next collections. Murat Yildiz is a grown man with a flat… Continue reading The Sound of Darkness