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#MonstrousMay 2023: The Tundra

Book Spotlight So, I'm not going to try and write something myself for this prompt, but I am going to highlight other books by indigenous authors set in this environment! I've got a thing for threes, so I'm going to highlight three books here. For Younger Readers Tales from the Tundra: A Collection of Inuit… Continue reading #MonstrousMay 2023: The Tundra

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#AmWriting: Call for Betas

Hi all! This is a quick post to shout-out to anyone who wants to beta read my fiction. And, unusually for me, you actually have a choice! It's not just one thing! *le gasp*I need some feedback on a novel (98k words) and two (2) short stories. If you would like to have a go… Continue reading #AmWriting: Call for Betas