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Anatomy of a Draft

So you have your first draft! Yay! Where to go from here? Well, first, get yourself a support group of fellow writers: a variety of ages and experiences are always a plus. It takes a village to raise a writer and their book-baby! TIP: Change your font and font size before editing and leave your… Continue reading Anatomy of a Draft

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The Zodiac Posts – TAURUS [3] WHO is Strength?

WHO is 'Strength'? In the last of the Strength-themed posts inspired by the Taurus sign, before I move on to "Gemini" which gives me a perfect excuse to take that literally and do some posts on twins/doppelgangers as tropes, characters and their foils and all that sort of thing, I thought I'd do something more… Continue reading The Zodiac Posts – TAURUS [3] WHO is Strength?