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Goth is (not) Dead: Corruption

While darkness and isolation are themes that pervade the setting and characterisation, corruption is arguably a meatier concept that nestles at the heart of what many authors want to say in this genre. Corruption can on the surface simply be part of the grotesque, with signs and symbols of physical decay building on/adding to this… Continue reading Goth is (not) Dead: Corruption

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Writing the Right Protagonist!

Personality TestSome tips for writing believable, relatable protagonists: Have you done a personality test for your protag? I had some issues with my main character in The Crows because I thought she was flat and not as likeable as I wanted her to be. I took an MBTI test for her and she came out… Continue reading Writing the Right Protagonist!

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The Zodiac Posts – PISCES [1] Diversity in Fiction: Mental Health

Diversity in Fiction - Mental Health A while ago I started to do a themed series of blog posts, using the zodiac signs and their associated traits as the central inspiration for the blog post topic. I'm resuming this because it's a ready-made series of topics, and it's a bit of a challenge! I started… Continue reading The Zodiac Posts – PISCES [1] Diversity in Fiction: Mental Health