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AMA ~ Character Edition

Follow the link <; to get this bundle for £6.00 in my sale: 01 Dec 2022-06 Jan 2023 Q1: What are everyone’s favorite comfort meals? A1: This one is weirdly the same for all of them: beef casserole. The reason it’s the same is because it was Beverley’s speciality (and not *always* beef), and she’d… Continue reading AMA ~ Character Edition

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Writing Demo & AU Carrie and Ricky Untitled AU So this is what I've been working on for fun: the idea I've had for a really long time which was an experiment to see what the story/characters of THE CROWS would be like if there was no eldritch horror. It would be a contemporary working class slice-of-life fic with a central… Continue reading Writing Demo & AU Carrie and Ricky